B. Travis Wright, MPS

technology leadership | bestselling author | preservation commissioner | public speaker | FAA-certified UAS pilot & FAASTeam DronePro


As an experienced cybersecurity and technology leader, credentialed Cisco Meraki expert, and FAA Part 107-certified UAS pilot, I apply 20 years of operational knowledge, risk, strategy, and ingenuity to all projects: from building global procedures and departments to architecting world-class infrastructure and processes from conception to maturity. Whether private equity-backed, non-profits, Silicon Valley startups, or Fortune 500 companies, I centralize fragmented resources and design adaptive, capable, secure, and scalable solutions staffed with the best talent who have the highest engagement and the lowest turnover, resulting in unified teams who consistently deliver excellence to ensure successful exits.


As a published author, public speaker, historian, president of the board of four museums, and preservation commissioner, I apply more than a decade of field knowledge to advocate for historic preservation across Colorado. From following professional museum benchmarks to complying with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation, my goal is for history to be available to the next generation. After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Denver, I received a master’s degree with a concentration in alternative dispute resolution—helping to facilitate deliberative engagement methods designed to bring out the best in elected officials and volunteers while elevating community decision making processes.

B. Travis Wright, MPS


“Travis and I were colleagues throughout my 6-year tenure…. I was impressed beginning with my onboarding process forward by how well-organized, professional, and technically advanced Travis’ department was. Under his leadership, the Technical Solutions group provided enterprise-class support, technology infrastructure, self-service knowledge base, and consulting and sales enablement platforms rivaling those of any size organization. In addition to his technical skill set, Travis excels in thought leadership, personnel and program management, and internal and external communication. He has the rare ability to translate complex technical concepts into concrete business terms, facilitating better decision making and organizational planning. His work ethic and sense of personal ownership… is legendary. Travis is the type of leader that fosters loyalty, accountability, and excellence—elevating the performance of all those around him.” —LinkedIn Recommendation


Learner, Achiever, Responsibility, Futuristic, and Individualization

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