B. Travis Wright, MPS is honored to receive LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements for his technology leadership from industry professionals.

Some recommendations have been edited for length or clarity; unedited versions, including names and titles are available on LinkedIn.

“Travis and I were colleagues throughout my 6-year tenure…. I was impressed beginning with my onboarding process forward by how well-organized, professional, and technically advanced Travis’ department was. Under his leadership, the Technical Solutions group provided enterprise-class support, technology infrastructure, self-service knowledge base, and consulting and sales enablement platforms rivaling those of any size organization. In addition to his technical skill set, Travis excels in thought leadership, personnel and program management, and internal and external communication. He has the rare ability to translate complex technical concepts into concrete business terms, facilitating better decision making and organizational planning. His work ethic and sense of personal ownership… is legendary. Travis is the type of leader that fosters loyalty, accountability, and excellence—elevating the performance of all those around him.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“Travis and I have been colleagues for more than five years; however, within the last year, we have worked closely together on planning for a large Microsoft Office 365 migration and how this would affect the organization. This transition needed thoughtful planning around migrating data from an old Exchange 2010 system. Travis—and his team—executed this migration flawlessly. Out of hundreds of mailboxes and hundreds of thousands of messages, not a single email was lost. Travis believes in the adage to measure twice, cut once and his implementation on this and other projects was spot-on.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“I worked with Travis… for over 4 years. As the head of our Technology Department, he lead both strategic initiatives to improve our overall solution and managed a small productive team of support techs. I highly recommend Travis, a conscientious and detail-oriented professional with big-picture vision.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“Travis consistently provides top-notch service to his customers! He also has the ability to explain the technical components in plain English so that anyone can understand. Always willing to research a solution to a tough problem, and always goes the extra mile. He is a pleasure to work with and delivers more than is requested!” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“I had the pleasure of working with Travis Wright for almost three years…. Travis is an extremely talented and knowledgeable IT professional but more importantly a team player that takes it upon himself to do what needs to be done to support an ever changing consulting organization. Travis’ ability to identify potential inefficiencies and proactively find resolutions while also managing and mentoring a thriving team make him the ideal candidate for managing all aspects of information technology for an organization of any size. Travis has energetically taken on projects both big and small while taking the time to work with individuals like me assisting with new hires, independent contractor technology needs, and my overall IT questions. Travis’ demeanor and professionalism make him very approachable and instills confidence in everyone that interacts with him that he will identify the most efficient and effective solution for each individual issues that arises. I would highly recommend Travis to any organization that is looking to bring on a talented and motivated technology expert with the ability to mentor direct reports and manage an organization’s overall technology needs with extreme attention to detail.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“Travis by far is the best manager I have ever worked for. In his role as the Chief Technology Officer, he has been able to keep uptime at 100% for more than 7+ years which is unheard of in Technology. He often works nights/weekends/holidays to ensure a company doesn’t feel any pain and keeps things running. His knowledge base is ever growing and does not seem to be slowing down. When it comes to people, he is second to none and will encourage growth, foster training at all skill levels, resolves conflicts and understands a work-life balance to make working for him an enjoyable experience. He is always willing to hear both sides of the story and is always open to new ideas. I would be honored to work for him in any capacity.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“While working with Travis over the years, he never ceased to amaze me. He is always so responsive and very knowledgeable on so many topics. It seemed like no matter the issue I raised Travis would find a resolution, and so quickly. Travis also has a knack for explaining technical topics to non-technical people. This is a rare and valuable skill!” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“I worked with Travis for the past 5 years… where he was instrumental in driving the technology direction of an ever changing consulting firm with an entirely remote workforce. He maintained our systems with a very high degree of up-time while maintaining multiple changing vendor relationships and varying direction from different groups within the organization. Travis set us up for success and his professionalism would be an asset to any organization. His knowledge and skill set with our infrastructure was key and he worked solutions out with ease.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Travis for more than 7 years, and in that time, I’ve seen him transform and expand our company’s IT function into an outstanding technology services organization. The standards Travis and his team hold themselves accountable for are truly best-in-class – from the responsiveness of our Help Desk, keeping hundreds of valuable resources productive, to the security and reliability we often take for granted. The forward-looking vision and daily peace of mind Travis delivers in safeguarding market-facing and internal systems has been vital to our organization’s infrastructure and success.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“I wish to use this opportunity to make special mention and endorsement of my manager, B. Travis Wright. During the past couple of years, Travis has provided much needed stability and clear direction—my ability to achieve my professional goals is largely dependent upon Travis’ leadership. Just as poor management can frustrate the best efforts of good employees, good management can amplify and synergize such efforts. Travis has provided remarkably effective leadership during a difficult year for the organization, and he continues to be a true touchstone of success, patience, optimism, professionalism and a truly winning attitude—each and every day. Travis works astoundingly hard—and with impeccable diligence—for the company, and for his team, on a daily basis.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“Travis has been instrumental in [the company’s] journey over the past several years. His attention to detail and analysis when considering technology options is unmatched. His commitment to the organization to deliver world class support earned him the continuous respect of his peers…. I would highly recommend Travis to any organization needing a critical thinking IT professional.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“Travis is one-in-a-million with numerous areas of strengths. He truly is a “Jack of all trades and master of All”. Out of the numerous technology professionals and leaders I have worked with I can confidently say Travis is the best at his craft in all aspects—and I have worked with Congressmen, multi-million dollar e-commerce companies, technology venture capital firms, Chambers of Commerce, served on technology boards, and partnerships with Google. Considering my experiences, I can hands down declare that Travis is the smartest, well-rounded technology trailblazer I have ever met and best leader I have ever worked with.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“I am honored to recommend Travis…. In three years of getting to work with Travis, I’ve been very impressed with the way he leads with three focuses in mind: what are the best solutions for the organization, what is the best solution for his “customer” and how to best ensure that his customers feel supported. It is rare for an IT professional to take such care to ensure that people know what’s coming, why, what the expectations are of them and how Travis and his team will support them. In a world where technology can be intimidating, Travis has a way of putting things into terms that his customers can connect with and feel confident in. Most importantly, he is always patient while teaching people “how to fish” and that is one of his finest qualities. The combination of his technical aptitude in all aspects of IT, his focus on customer service and his team mentality are rare and any company would be fortunate to have him!” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“Travis brings a passion for technology that can’t be taught. He and I worked together on several technology initiatives, both internal and client facing, and he is always willing to research or prototype something until we have a workable solution. Moreover, he holds himself to his own ‘Service Level Agreement’, and always responds with clear and complete information in a timely manner. Deep technical knowledge, clear and timely communication skills, and a passion for the job are a rare combination and I’d be more than happy to work with Travis again.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“Travis is a brilliant technologist and IT leader. He leads by example and puts in the work to ensure the job is done right. He is a true team player and has a vast knowledge in many disciplines.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“I don’t know how many bad managers you’ve had to work for, but let me tell you, all it takes is one to appreciate working for a phenomenal manager, like Travis. He walks the walk, talks the talk, doesn’t ask us to do anything he wouldn’t do himself.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“I would recommend Travis if you are looking for accountability in running Enterprise Information Technology. Today, Travis’ forward thinking makes complex architecture simple. By consulting Travis, your company and people will benefit from his modern, smart, and fiscally responsible solutions. I have the pleasure of knowing Travis since 2011; and I would also recommend his historic photography, [Corona Station Photography].” —LinkedIn Recommendation

“Travis… is a great manager. He truly embodies the lead by example model. He is always willing to help and never asks people to do anything he isn’t willing to do. He truly inspires those under him to be their best selves. His technical knowledge is second to none! His actions have resulted in [100%] uptime for networks and systems he has built. Travis is innovative and always plans ahead, ensuring future proofing for the organization.” —LinkedIn Recommendation

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