Reach out to B. Travis Wright, MPS by email, phone, Zoom, or to meet over coffee

You may contact me by email at [email protected], by calling/texting 720.663.9446 (texting is preferred due to meetings), or by reaching out to me on Facebook Messenger. I am also near to the Greater Denver Area and enjoy meeting over a cup of coffee—any time of day, or virtual coffee on Zoom or Microsoft Teams if it is more convenient.

We also enjoy meeting on or atop Rollins Pass pass year-round… and sometimes our meetings aren’t scheduled: we have treated families to hot pizza while they waited for a tow truck in an area of Rollins Pass that doesn’t have cell signal, given groups of bicyclists our reserve water from the back of our truck, shuttled stranded motorists back to town, or opened our lunch kits to those who needed additional calories or protein to get over the pass and through their day. We also share stories, take family photographs, roll the cameras for groups of snowmobilers, help look for lost dogs, answer historical questions, provide directions, and sometimes tuck complimentary signed books under windshield wipers of out of state vehicles parked on the pass.

You can find me on the rink in the late autumn, winter, and early spring playing drop-in hockey or leading an ice hockey team as captain/coach.

If you are a vendor and would like for us to field-test clothing, backpacks, food, snowmobiles/ATVs/SxS, camera equipment, or handheld technologies (GPS, lightning detectors, etc.), please reach out to us and we’ll put together a stellar and unvarnished review video documenting our thoughts and experiences in full 4K!

I also invite you to please connect with me on LinkedIn where you can learn even more about my published works, presentations, documentary and podcast interviews, credentials, certifications, press, and featured endorsements:

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