Rollins Pass

B. Travis Wright, MPS is the co-founder of Preserve Rollins Pass and is an award-winning author, historian, apprentice archaeologist, and public speaker.

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B. Travis Wright, MPS is “an extraordinary champion of the entire Rollins Pass region.”

“East Portal Cabins—history didn’t end when the tunnel opened,” The Mountain Ear (page 17)—June 8, 2023

• Researcher and author of multiple published and academic works on Rollins (Corona) Pass, a mountain pass and active archaeological site in the Southern Rocky Mountains of north-central Colorado
• Recognized area expert earned through extensive area exploration, primary and secondary research, multiple historical/archaeological discoveries, and years-long partnerships with professional archaeologists, land managers, and federal agencies including the US Forest Service
• State Honor Award recipient for active advocation/preservation of this endangered historic—and prehistoric—site through public speaking at events of 50-200+ attendees, education, media and documentary interviews about Rollins Pass and the Moffat Tunnel, and engaging local, state, and federal representatives
• Spearheads and champions the collapse of significant threats to the area, including a proposed federal land exchange involving Rollins Pass
• Leverages GIS tools and historic imagery to help determine efficacy of protected area management (impact assessment/change detection and policy analysis)
• Founded Preserve Rollins Pass and The John Trezise Archive for Rollins Pass Imagery
• Presents across Colorado discussing the past 12,000 years of history atop Rollins Pass; past and future public speaking events are detailed here

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